Nowadays one out of three people get cancer. This means that nearly everyone will be confronted with this disease directly or indirectly. For most people this is a real nightmare. But there are also people who say that cancer was the best thing ever happened to them. One disease, two totally different perceptions. How is this possible? In 2000 just after the birth of her fourth daughter Yvette van Boven received the message nobody wants to hear: “You have cancer!” A life changing and paradigm shattering experience. Her cancer, life-changing experiences, and recovery set her on a quest that led her to research many stories of cancer patients who died and stories of cancer patients who survived their cancer. She was especially interested in the seemingly ‘incurable’ terminal cancer patients, who were send home by their doctors to die, but are still alive today. During the time she had cancer her life changed completely when she discovered that she was not the victim of her cancer but of her lack of consciousness and her limited thoughts and beliefs. In fact that she was the creator of her life. She knew that if this was true it meant that somehow she had created her cancer – a thought she did not like at all – but it also meant that it would be possible to turn her situation around and become the creator of her health, so she did … At the lowest point of her life when she believed she would die soon, Yvette found the key to unlock the door of her cancer prison. She was shown that LOVE was the way to set herself free. Instead of fighting her cancer she started to embrace and love her cancer and started to look at the benefits and the gifts. This way she was able to find back her inner strength, which transformed her from being a powerless victim and a people pleaser, believing that whatever she did was never good enough, into the powerful and thriving woman she is today.

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Zes jaar geleden, net na de geboorte van mijn vierde dochter kreeg ik te horen waar iedereen bang voor is: je hebt kanker. Ik heb mijn kanker overleefd en ben een kanker overwinnaar met een missie geworden, omdat ik ontdekt heb dat er heel veel is wat je zelf kunt doen om kanker te voorkomen en om er van te genezen.
Ik vroeg mij af: Waarom overlijden zoveel mensen aan kanker? Is de ziekte een moordenaar, of zijn er andere factoren die een belangrijke rol spelen? Waarom wordt een roker niet ziek, en overlijdt een niet-roker aan longkanker? Hoe kan het dat sommigen die zijn opgegeven toch overleven? Waarom moet je niet vechten tegen je kanker, maar er juist vriendschap mee sluiten? En waarom is alleen fysieke genezing meestal niet voldoende om kankervrij te blijven?

Kanker … een kado?! geeft hierop antwoord en is een ware inspiratiebron voor diegenen die actief mee willen werken aan hun genezingsproces.

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I am proud to announce that I am one of the selected authors, which contributed to this edition of Mastering the Art of Success. I joined Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and so many other talented people.

In this unique book, you will discover a wealth of information written by some of the most successful, creative and passionate entrepreneurs in the business world today. This collaboration of information, inspiration, and motivation is a collection of personal stories and viewpoints written in an easy to read format. You will not be able to put it down.

There are a total of 21 authors who share their secrets on how to achieve success with you. You will find that many of the stories cover method’s that will apply to you and be of great value towards the planning and achievement of your goals. Just to mention a few, Jack Canfield, speaks about the value of finding a mentor to help guide you in the right direction and Mark Victor Hansen reflects on how to create the life you deserve. It has been my privilege to be among these respected authors and add to the formation of this book. I believe there is a purpose in the challenges we encounter in life and that our attitude towards those challenges along with what we think can be the keys to overcoming them..

You will find that there is a common thread that connects all of these like-minded people regarding the creation of a successful life. Their secrets are revealed openly and offered generously for the sole purpose of supporting and helping others on their path to success.

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