About Yvette van Boven

In 2000 just after the birth of my fourth daughter I was diagnosed with cancer. A life changing and paradigm shattering experience, because I did not know how to survive and nobody else knew either.

I never prepared myself for this. It was hard and very upsetting. Everyone told me I would only be able to survive through surgery, chemo and radiation. They told me that I was fully dependent on that and that it was a matter of luck if I would survive. I felt helpless and powerless. I studied everything I could get hold of to survive, but it took a long time to figure out what the difference was between the cancer patients that had died and the ones that survived.

I discovered that is not that the people who die do not try hard enough. Survivors just have a completely different mindset. They know how to create an inner state that brings back their health – a state accessible to all of us. My life changed completely when I discovered that I was not the victim of my cancer but the creator of my own destiny and that I had somehow created my cancer – a thought I did not like at all.

However, if I had created my cancer than I could also turn that situation around and become the creator of my health. So I did… It is my believe that if you survive cancer, you should try to make it possible for others to achieve the same. If you have struggled through cancer, you should help those now struggling. Many are drowning and they need someone who has a boat.

That is the reason why I have written the book ‘Cancer is a Gift: Awakening from the Illusion – A new paradigm in healing cancer’ to challenge cancer patients to think bigger for themselves by saying: “You can do this. Surviving cancer can be part of your life.”


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